Germany may have its own spaceport (PHOTO)

У Германии может появиться собственный космодром (ФОТО)

The Minister of economy and energy in Germany Peter Altmaier announced that it would study the proposal of the President of the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) Dieter Kempf about the need to build the country’s own spaceport. The words of the head of the Ministry is quoted by the newspaper Bild.

Altmaier said that Germany is a world leader in satellite technology that allows us to talk about the possibility of building a private spaceport. Additionally, spaceflight will provide for the establishment in Germany of thousands of jobs: the main provisions of the new law on outer space will be presented in early 2020. 18 Oct Altmaier took part in the Congress of BDI on the development of outer space, held in Berlin

German astronaut Ulrich Hans Walter explained that as a base for the spaceport could be used the airfield Nordholz (lower Saxony) in the North sea. According to him, construction work on the first phase would require about 50 million euros. Dieter Kempf, in turn, drew attention to the need to increase the budget of the FRG to the space needs from the current 285 million euros to 700 million euros – figures comparable with the one that pledged for this purpose in France.

In January it became known that a national law on outer space is designed to encourage private investment in aerospace projects. In this case the law will not be regulations governing the extraction of resources in space, as demanded by companies in the aerospace industry. Instead, in Berlin hope to achieve the relevant agreements at the UN level.