Germany raised the issue at the UN the world about an impending ‘climate wars’ (PHOTOS)

Германия подняла в ООН вопрос о грозящих миру 'климатических войнах' (ФОТО)

The head of the German foreign Ministry called background “climate wars”
According to Heiko Masa, climate change increasingly becomes a “question of war and peace”. The German Minister insists on the cooperation within the “Alliance for versatility.”

In Germany see the very real threat of world wars because of the climate, or rather because of the disastrous consequences which are bound for different countries, the global climatic changes.

Speaking yesterday at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Mas warned that “climate change is no longer just an environmental challenge to humanity”. “Increasingly it is a question of war and peace,” said the Minister.

The Minister is convinced that in that moment, when because of the long periods of drought, destruction of crops and lack of access to drinking water starts conflicts over the few remaining resources, will speak about “climate wars”, writes Deutsche Welle.

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According to the German Minister, it is time to adhere to the strategy of sustainable development, including in matters of foreign policy and security. “Cooperation does not mean the betrayal of the interests of their own country,” says the Wt. He stressed that to find answers to the challenges of globalization, digitalization, migration and environmental problems is possible only by joint efforts.

As the DW, so the tone of the speech of the foreign Minister of Germany came into clear contradiction with the statements of the President of the United States Donald trump, the Brazilian leader Jairo Bolsonaro and their Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani. In particular, the head of the White house claimed that “the future belongs to the patriots.”

From July 2018 Heiko Mac counters this concept of the US your vision of foreign policy cooperation, which he understands as the “Alliance for versatility.” Within this model does not suggest clearly limited membership, as in the case of “seven” or “twenty”, however, provides for the reform of international institutions and strengthening international agreements. Concrete steps in this direction can be developed on 26 September, when a planned meeting of Mas with more than 50 foreign countries, the newspaper writes.