Germany urged the United States not to impose sanctions against the ‘Nord stream-2’

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas urged the U.S. not to impose sanctions against Russian pipeline “Nord stream-2”, says RBC.

Германия призвала США не вводить санкции против 'Северного потока-2'

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He noted that the German government is trying to convince Washington to abandon the restrictions. “We are negotiating with the Americans,” he said.

Maas has called the sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” interference in European Affairs, reported on the website of the German foreign Ministry. He said that the European energy policy be decided in Europe, not in USA. According to him, Germany was “fundamentally rejects” external interference and sanctions which have extraterritorial effects.

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On 10 December the US Congress has put in the military budget for 2020 sanctions against Russian pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”. Us lawmakers did not have time to develop a separate project about the limitations. German newspaper Bild wrote that they can affect a Swiss company Allseas, which is engaged in laying of pipes and cables under water.

In the Eastern Committee of German economy called the sanctions a threat to the sovereignty of the European Union. The German-Russian chamber of Commerce also condemned the restrictions imposed by the US and said that the EU should retaliate. However, the speaker of the “Alternative for Germany” Steffen KOTRA announced that the German government “capitulated” to Washington for “economic attack” on the “Nord stream-2”, RIA Novosti reported.

This pipeline was planned to run until the end of 2019 from Russia to Germany bypassing transit States – Ukraine, Belarus, Poland. The capacity of the pipeline is 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The project cost is estimated at nearly 10 billion euros.

Construction was delayed because of the position of Denmark. The sole shareholder of “Nord stream-2” is the Russian Gazprom. Partners of monopoly on the project – and Uniper German Wintershall, Austrian OMV, French Engie and Royal Dutch Shell (Britain and Netherlands) – promised to Finance 50% of the project.

ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress adopted the law on the defense budget, which includes provisions for sanctions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2” According to the document, sanctions will apply also in the case that these pipelines will change name or are replaced by others.
  • The decision of the House of representatives should pass approval in the Senate. It is expected that this will happen early next week. Further, it must be signed by the President.
  • Not later than 60 days from the date of entry into force of this act, the Secretary of state and the Treasury jointly submit to the congressional committees a report that named organizations and individuals subject to sanctions.
  • The companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream” will be 30 days after the entry of the law into force to stop the activities associated with the construction of pipelines.