Germany will be a great alternative for Ukrainian workers

From March 1, 2020 in Germany enters into force the new immigration law by which citizens of countries outside the EU, it will be easier to get a job in Germany. Higher salaries and simplified rules for migrant workers may lead to the fact that every second Ukrainian labor migrants in Poland can go to work in Germany.

Германия станет отличной альтернативой для украинских заробитчан

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Previously, such workers could legally enter Germany only when they had a job offer from a specific employer. The employer in this case had to prove that the job couldn’t find a single German or a citizen of another EU country.

Besides, it was only about workers with higher education and qualifications.

Now to work in Germany can apply skilled workers with vocational education. Unskilled or seasonal workers not yet officially needed.

“We want to attract to the labour market not only experts of an academic level, but ordinary professionals for a very simple reason — we have not enough” — said the Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Anka Feldguzen.

Another important change: now the potential employee can spend in Germany for up to six months in search of work. But even for this he must prove knowledge of German.

Knowledge of the language is necessary not only for obtaining a visa, but in order to confirm their qualifications. And the procedure is rather bureaucratic.

In order to obtain a visa for the job search, you should also confirm their financial viability.

Why is it Germany?

All these innovations will operate for two and a half years, after which Germany could revise or abandon them, if you see a negative impact on the economy or security of the country. But it could be extended.

However, observers note that the changes in migration policy of Germany reflected the seriousness of the problems that became apparent in recent years. As in most European countries, Germany’s population is aging.

If earlier governments had to contend with unemployment, but now, according to the Federal Agency of labour in the German labour market there are over 1 million vacancies. Germany did not enough health care workers, builders, engineers, and, of course, it professionals.

On the other hand, Ukrainians who want to find a job in Germany, it is worth remembering that the labor market is liberalized not only for them but also for citizens of other countries outside the EU, for example, for Russians, Indians or Chinese.

“The number of job offers in Germany for the year from January 2019 to January 2020, significantly increased by nearly 50%,” says Maria Abdullin, head of OLX Job.

In addition, she said, has doubled the share of job offers in Germany compared to other countries.

“The reason for this may well be the adoption of a new migration law in Germany, which will enter into force on 1 March,” says Abdullin.

According to the study, which OLX spent the summer of 2019, Germany took the first place among the countries where the Ukrainians wanted to go to work, ahead of Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Israel.

From the German employers, says Maria Abdullina, the most popular are:

• the manufacturing workers (packers, packers, sorters),

• logistics (drivers),

• construction (builders, electricians, welders, masons, painters, handymen),

• the service sector (waiters, nurses, maids).

The significant changes to the proposal wage in comparison with the previous year, do not watch.

Go Ukrainians in Germany?

The law of change in migration policy in Germany has caused a flurry of concern in Poland, because due to the fact that the minimum wage in Germany is almost three times higher than in Poland, the Polish side could lose almost every second worker of the vast army of Ukrainian workers.

But do not forget about the cost of living. For example, food prices in Germany is 2.5% higher than the EU average, whereas in Poland there is a third less.

In addition, a real simplification in employment in Germany were not as large as expected.

At the same time, says Maria Abdullina, in January of this year in OLX Work first noticed a change in the trend of demand for work in Germany compared to Poland.

In particular, work in Germany in January 2020, viewed on 30% more often than in Poland. But last year in January, the situation was a “mirror” — then the work in Poland was interested in on 39% more in Germany.

The beneficial or harmful for Ukraine?

Migrant workers are the main “foreign investors” in Ukraine. According to the NBU, in 2019, workers ‘ remittances abroad amounted to about 12 billion dollars. For comparison: in January-September of last year, foreign direct investment has not reached even $ 2 billion, and receipts from total exports for the 11 months amounted to $ 46 billion.

However, the Ukrainian employers for several years concerned about the shortage of workers, especially technical and working professions, and are trying to keep employees higher wages.

According to official statistics, last year Ukrainian real wages grew by almost 10%. And a third of companies, according to polls, calls labor shortages are among the main factors that limit their plans to expand production.