Germs and bacteria: what in hotel rooms it is better not to touch

Let’s face it — staying healthy on vacation is not as easy as it seems. You are not only less sleep than usual, but each new environment exposes your system to hundreds and thousands of alien bacteria and microbes, writes Fox News.

Микробы и бактерии: к чему в отельных номерах лучше не прикасаться

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If you think you can protect yourself in a hotel, then think again. Of course, this temporary home may look clean, but your home is full of germs — and in very unexpected places. A Hairdryer, kettle or carafe is just the beginning of your troubles. What is the most unsafe in the hotel room? Believe it or not, it’s a chair.

“Chairs can often be made from difficult-to-clean fabric and upholstery, and, of course, they can not be cleaned in the same way as sheets and towels,” says Nidhi Gilgal, doctor of philosophy in the University of Minnesota.

“Often, stains on the chairs, wash and pound until they are deleted, but there are other microbes that are not visible to the eye,” says the doctor.

You don’t really know those people who you have staying in the room and used the chairs. The hotel people can throw on the chair, dirty clothes, shoes, towels or handbags

Dr. Guldal noted that using chairs, you can catch bed bugs, viruses, and not even to suspect it.

“Sanitary processing, which is carried out more regularly in other specific parts of the room, very different from the cleaning, and germs can easily be moved during this process and be on the chair the hotel. Pathogenic microorganisms can easily move between rooms and areas of the room during the cleaning staff,” explained the doctor.