Germs and mildew: prevention of ready-made salads in packages

Pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems should not eat ready-made salads, warns ut physicians.

Микробы и плесень: предупреждение о готовых салатах в упаковках

Ready to eat chopped salads are popular because they save time in the kitchen. In the journal of consumer appetite, which is published in Germany, says that experts have reviewed all products, which are used for salads. They have found that all the salads have problems with hygiene or storage.

In addition to the high bacterial load of criticism among consumers noted a odor of salads and mustiness.
Experts bought ready-made salads in supermarkets that are stored there in refrigerated shelves. All the salads were studied in the laboratory.

As a result, experts found that the microbial load of the salads were so high that scientists immediately issued a warning that such salads should not be buying.

According to nutritionist Nina Siegenthaler of the Association for consumer information (VKI), you cannot buy these salads are pregnant and the elderly.

For evaluation were used the standards and values of the warnings of the German society of hygiene and Microbiology, as in Austria there are no limit values for microbiological evaluation of packaged salads.

One product in the test was measured by 450 000 units per gram, which is more 450 times than previously thought.

Experts have established that the manufacturer exceeded a warning value of the six products that were in the salads. One sample was particularly heavily contaminated by fungi, the other was discovered Listeria.

Also experts paid attention to the shelf life of salads. They found that no one product in the salad did not meet the shelf life.