‘Get out now’: U.S. ready to expand anti-Russian sanctions on investors ‘Nord stream 2’

The US has warned companies involved in the “Nord stream 2” and “Turkish stream” on possible sanctions, reports “Voice of America”. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo noted that these “projects of Russian influence” harm Ukraine.

'Убирайтесь сейчас': США готовы расширить антироссийские санкции на инвесторов 'Северного потока 2'

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Firms that worked on gas pipelines from Russia before the adoption of the sanctions act of the United States in 2017, can now be under sanctions.

USA has paved the way for the application of sanctions in respect of international gas pipeline “Nord stream 2” and “Turkish stream”, in relation to European and other international firms that were attracted to these projects even before the adoption of the US sanctions of the law “On combating the enemies of America through sanctions “(Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act — English). in 2017. This law provides for the possibility of applying sanctions to Russia for interfering in the political process in the United States, etc. On it informs edition The New York Times. The corresponding statement, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made on Wednesday, July 15, communicating with the media.

Thus, noted in The New York Times, the companies that worked on these pipelines prior to the adoption CAATSA, sanctions had not spread.

“Today the state Department has updated guidance on use of powers provided by the law “On combating the enemies of America with the help of sanctions”. Now they include the “Nord stream 2” and the second branch of the “Turkish stream”. These actions injected under the threat of sanctions from the USA investments or other activities relating to these Russian export pipelines,” said Pompeo.

Pompeo called the U.S. action “a clear warning to companies that promote and support projects to the harmful influence of Russia.”

“Get out now or you can face the consequences,” said Pompeo.

U.S. Secretary of state also said that Russian projects are not commercial.

“They are the key tools of the Kremlin to expand and use Europe’s dependence on energy supplies from Russia. These tools are harmful to Ukraine, as cut off from its gas transported through this democratic country. It is a tool, which in the end count, undermine transatlantic security, said Pompeo. — U.S. ready to help our European friends to satisfy their energy needs”.

Pompeo stated that he would raise this topic during his planned trip to the UK and Denmark.



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