Get to the snowstorm and condoms: the network has made fun of sanctification priests Cyril of drugs

Доберутся до пургена и презервативов: в сети высмеяли «освящение» попами Кирилла лекарств

User under the name “Mid Roissi” published an interesting post which demonstrates the desire of the present Russian Church and its “Ukrainian branch” to the earning of wealth, not “healing souls” of the parishioners.

“ROC brain” — he wrote and posted a picture of the announcement that the Church is “sanctification drugs.”

Users reacted to the absurd photo.

“And condoms are they consecrated?”, “To milk the suckers need to be able to… and the ROC-shnye priests in this case is just assy!”, “I wonder enema light? It was a kind of gay procedure, the checkmate”, “the Snowstorm is also sanctify?”, “Putin is — do not mind!”, “And unless Satan was given the right to consecrate?”, “But if the pills with Holy water, it is possible to live forever,”— commentators write.

Some users have noted that the announcement is the designation of “UOC”, but noted that the big difference in this: “This is the UOC”, “yeah, but the priests of the UOC Moscow”, “This is not the ROC. That PDTS”.

Another manifestation of the “scientific approach” Moscow priests to modern life was made Sunday a statement by the Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission of the ROC for the family of Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, who proposed at first to teach the children of the Church Slavonic language instead of English.

So, on air of TV company “Soyuz”, he expressed disagreement with the parents who “baby not yet born, already an English teach.” According to the priest, “first Church, then maybe the Greek (from the Greeks we took our faith), it is also very important,” clergyman quotes “Interfax”.

“And, of course, is on the Liturgy as the capital of Cambodia and does not understand anything”, — said father Dimitry.

The reason for the indignation of the father was that in the plane the flight attendant offered the passengers “foodbox”, not “boxes” for food”.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Russian Tver priests decided to deal with the sins among the congregation. Instead of the procession to nearby villages was organized “religious years”. Together with the icon and the relics of the priests circled the “sponsored” area at the plane and poured Tver and the surrounding area with Holy water. The plane was made about 70 liters of fluid.

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