Getting better: there was an unexpected news about the car crash

Становится лучше: появились неожиданные новости о Заворотнюк

Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, which was diagnosed with brain cancer, to become better.

About it, citing its sources, reported in social networks, the producer of “Tender may” Andrei Razin.

“Very carefully, very carefully I will say that the worst predictions do not come true and Nastya is getting better. She, like, goes on the amendment”, — he wrote.

Становится лучше: появились неожиданные новости о Заворотнюк

Razin noted that the direct source now he has no. “Unfortunately, my source, who has previously been in contact with Anastasia, with her now not communicate. But for those messages that come to me, the crust is really getting better,”he said.

Also, the producer asked the actress. “We all pray that her health has recovered and she, as quickly as possible, returned to us. Nastya, we’re all praying for you”, he said.

Recall that recently the husband of car crash Peter Chernyshev, who was for a long time with a sick wife and did not work, returned to the ice.

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