Gildor is the king of La Tour!

Gildor is the king of La Tour!


The District 31 series had so marked Gildor Roy as an actor that no one had imagined him at the helm of The Tower.

It must be said that The morning show that Gildor hosted on TQS for two seasons and La télé sur le divan, whose animation he shared with psychologist Rose-Marie Charest at Radio-Canada, left hardly any traces. To be frank, the two shows failed, but we have to admit that Gildor is not really responsible for it.

Gildor Roy may not be a great actor, but who else than him could have portrayed a more credible Commander Chiasson for so many years? Gildor is not the singer of the century either, but how not to tap his foot when he sings Tu m'montes s'a tête or how not to be moved when he sings a ” tune” country? To my knowledge, Gildor has never won a trophy as a host, but he deserves one as the host of La Tour on TVA, this early-night talk show unlike any other. .

It was more than a headache to take the place of Patrick Huard, who had designed and hosted the show for two seasons. The Towerbore his signature wall to wall. The comedian had even suggested that he was inviting his guests to a loft that he personally lived in. I really enjoyed La Tour, even if from time to time I found that Patrick philosophized a little too much. But how can you blame him when so many hosts and hostesses tell nonsense and only know how to extract insignificant remarks from their guests.


Since he hosted La Tour, Gildor Roy has transformed the decor and accessories that surround it. He also reduced the number and duration of the asides which Huard had made the show special. Gildor delivers them in everyday words, facing the camera like his predecessor. His asides are no less apropos, but they seem less judgmental. 

Thanks to his good nature and his incomparable empathy, Gildor succeeds in drawing confidences from his guests that often surprise them. This sacred Gildor arrives there casually, with a candid air, often after having indulged himself in an impromptu intimate confidence which quite naturally leads his interlocutor to do the same.


We are far from the outbursts of mutual admiration and insider comments that are the bread and butter of too many “chair shows” at TVA like at Radio-Canada. The ineffable Good evening Good evening!with Jean-Philippe Wauthier is a perfect example. Wauthier is the antithesis of Gildor Roy. As much as this one fades away to leave all the room for its guests, the other holds forth, does the wheel and occupies all the space. Thereupon, Patrick Huard, whose notoriety is nevertheless very great and whose intelligence and presence of mind exceed the average, left at La Tour an imprint that Gildor perpetuates. Like its predecessor, Gildor is exemplarily modest. It pays off!

So far, La Tour has had the merit of not being a “plogue” show, in addition to often welcoming guests that we not seen in all shows. The Tower could continue to surprise us by making unusual and surprising guests its brand image, just as we were surprised by choosing Gildor to animate it.

Gildor is the king of The Tower!