Girard celebrates the cut as a rockstar

Girard celebrates the cut as a rockstar


It was aboard a boat towed by a truck that Samuel Girard paraded with the Stanley Cup through the streets of his native Roberval on Sunday, before going to join hundreds of his greatest fans who were waiting for him singing the traditional “olé olé”. 

Once he got off his boat, his cheeks reddened by the hot sun after this ride of more than an hour , the defender lifted the trophy at arm's length in front of the marina. 

Dressed in a Nordiques or Avalanche jersey, the youngsters saw Samuel Girard and the Stanley Cup in Roberval on Sunday.

Then, he quickly gulped down a can of beer which he then threw into the crowd. He was imitated by his father, Tony, and one of his brothers. 

At the Girards, Samuel's successes are the result of many sacrifices. His own, of course, but also those of his parents and his eldest, Jeremy. 

The hero of the day was moved when he was joined by his father, Tony Girard.

“Their cut”

And obviously, the family was planning to celebrate in style what they now consider “their haircut”. Because, the 24-year-old defender points out, “you never know if you're going to win another one in your life”. 

“The parade was quite festive, told the Journal number 49 of the Avalanche. It was fun seeing all these people cheering me on. Not only those from the Lac or Saguenay, but also the people from Shawinigan who made the trip here, including my host family [with the Cataractes]. »

But of course, those of Lac-Saint-Jean had a special place in his heart. A visit to the cup in the region is rare. The last one dates back to 14 years ago, when the municipality of Roberval won the Kraft Hockeyville contest.

Before that, it was “Bionic Blueberry”, Mario Tremblay, who was the last to truly parading with the trophy at the Lac, in the streets of Alma, in 1986. 

“Thank you for coming to see me and supporting me! Girard launched to his supporters massed in front of the marina. I've been working for this since I was young. »

The guard had only one regret: he would have liked more young hockey players in the region to get their picture with the Stanley Cup. 

In his walkabout , Samuel Girard allowed several children to touch the famous trophy.

But there were hundreds of hockey fans waiting to pose with the trophy, and organizers eventually had to cut the photo op short. 

Drink from the cup

Slightly damaged by his compatriot Nicolas Aubé-Kubel, the evening of the Avalanche's triumph over the Lightning, the bottom of the cup had regained its original shape for its visit to Quebec.

The defender intended to use it for what seems to be its most common use: to get his friends to drink alcohol. Samuel could also testify to this on Sunday evening. 

“What I did with the cup was I put some drink in it,” he laughed. I wanted as many of my relatives as possible to drink from it.

In the morning, his father, Tony, had told Hi, hello! that he wanted to fill the trophy with meat pie and walleye. It is difficult to confirm, however, whether the traditional dish of the lake had indeed been tasted in the cup, because indeed, it was the hops that occupied a place of choice during the passage of the Journal. 

It takes the pain away

A broken sternum suffered against the Blues limited Girard to seven games in the last series. His injury is “getting better day by day,” but his focus right now “is just to take advantage of the Avalanche's win.” And, luckily, the pain isn't too intense when he lifts the cup. Because the happiness of having this privilege, he implies, drives away evil. 

Let's hope the same goes for the headaches that will follow the celebrations. 

The whole family's trophy 

Samuel Girard exulted when he lifted the Stanley Cup at arm's length to the delight of his fellow citizens of Roberval.

Elder brother of Samuel Girard, Jérémy never saw his parents travel during the youth of their four children. He also does not remember that they had them kept for a single day, in order to go on a romantic outing. 

“Everything they did was for us,” an emotional Jérémy told the Journal on Sunday. For my sister Jessica, for my brothers Samuel and Christopher, and for me. »

Jérémy himself made great sacrifices in the hope that Samuel would one day reach the National League. 

The Girard family not rolling on gold, he agreed, one day, to abandon high level hockey when he was among the midgets, so that his little brother could continue in the AAA. 

< p>A gesture that he saw being rewarded for the first time when his younger brother was drafted by the Predators in 2016. 

Then, two weeks ago, when the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup. 

Because, even though he wasn't in the squad, suffering from a broken sternum, “Samuel is an important member of the team”, underlines Jérémy.  

He cried 

It was on television that he watched Game 6 of the Finals against the Lightning, after watching the first two games in Denver.

“When 0:00 appeared on the board , I started crying, I let out a cry. I woke up my girlfriend, almost the children, ”remembered Jérémy.

“That’s when I realized we had won, he continued. Not just Sam, but the whole family. We won. »

Give your heart

In an interview on Salut Bonjour on TVA , Sunday morning, the Girard's father, Tony, had also stressed that this cup was that “of the whole family”. 

He had mentioned the generosity of Jérémy, who “gave his heart , his sport for Samuel.” 

“Sam told me again recently, that it was all thanks to his brother. I talk about it and it makes me emotional,” pointed out Mr. Girard. 

“Today, we celebrate the sacrifice of a family. We can be proud,” added Jérémy.