Girl with cancer who made a popular video with a call to vote, is dead (PHOTO)

Девочка с раком, записавшая популярное видео с призывом голосовать, умерла (ФОТО)

Terminally ill patient with cancer, who recorded a video from his sick bed urging Canadians to vote, died. This was reported by the girl’s family.

Brent Williamson, uncle Maddison, Jetman, published in his Twitter message in which he said that the girl from Winnipeg died Saturday.

In live Jetman, which she did in October, almost immediately after the age of 18 she was diagnosed, she holds in her hands sheets of paper with the messages that follow each other. In them, she gradually encourages Canadians to vote on 21 October in the Federal election, as even she was able, in spite of the deadly disease. The last sentence on the card reads: “what’s your excuse.”

Just a few hours after publication, the post was watched by nearly 50,000 people.

In a message posted on social media Yetman Sunday, said that instead of flowers mourners should donate to the nature conservancy of Canada.

From Maddison was sarcoma.