Give him an Oscar: the video art of fainting dog, not wanting to do a manicure, laugh network

Дайте ему «Оскар»: видео картинного обморока собаки, не желающей делать маникюр, насмешило сеть

The network has become a viral video whose main character was named “most dramatic dog in the world”. Dog breed pit bull, which the hostess wants to cut his nails, clearly not willing to undergo this procedure. First, he ignores requests to apply a paw. And when she takes her own pit bull picture and slowly falls back, pretending to be unconscious. However, forget to close the eye, that spoils the effect.

The video, which was originally published on the platform Reddit, spread through the social media and scored millions of views. Users are encouraged to give the dog, who in a moment became an Internet sensation, the “Oscar” for best dramatic role, calling him a “drama Queen” and “film star”. “No actor or actress can’t compare to this dog”, “Meryl Streep, move over!”, — wrote in the comments.

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