Given the forecast of the dollar in exchange offices of Ukraine

Financial analysts told what the hryvnia to the dollar in the near future.

Дан прогноз курса доллара в обменниках Украины

As the Wave passes, it writes the Columnist.

According to analyst Andrew Shevchishin likely that the hryvnia will soon be fluctuate in the range of 27-27,5 UAH/$”.

“The optimistic statements by the authorities about the prospects to obtain $2 billion of loan funds from the IMF in may, and by the end of the year – additional $3 billion to support the course. The rest of the market moves weak: influenced by the situational imbalances of supply and demand, pending a more exact release date of a rigid quarantine. Probably in the near future the hryvnia will fluctuate in the range of 27-27,5 grn/$,” – said the expert.

Meanwhile, his colleague Vadim Iosub with Alpari predicts the decline of the dollar in Ukraine.

According to him, the next week is expected to be moderate depreciation of the dollar against the hryvnia. Thus, the dollar on the interbank market through the week can be traded for approximately 27,0 UAH and the cash dollar in banks – roughly 27,1-27,4 UAH.

In turn, first Deputy Chairman of Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova said that the country’s currency market in April, the psychological mood changed economic calculations. She stressed that the NBU at the end of two weeks APR bought in the reserves almost half a billion dollars, and today the reserves amount to $ 25 billion, almost returning to the levels of the beginning of the year.

Rozhkov also noted that Ukraine has enough margin of safety to confidently and adequately meet the new challenges that we have in connection with the quarantine and pandemic.