Gluten free and 0% fat: useful whether such products?

The stores increasingly found supposedly diet: 0% fat, lactose-free, gluten-free. It is believed that they are more correct, healthy. Advertising in social networks and on television promoting this food. But is it useful for such products? Understand our material.

Без глютена и 0% жира: полезны ли такие продукты?

What is a healthy diet?

Healthy eating is very often perceived incorrectly. It is believed that it is necessary to exclude from the diet of gluten, fats, especially animal and dairy, cholesterol, sugar. Such claims are quite controversial and cause a lot of discussions among experts. If there is no question about the disease at which one of any component is prohibited to use. The rest to maintain health, it is sufficient to limit consumption of harmful products.

And for a healthy diet need to consume animal fat, and lactose, and gluten. Each component has a nutritional value and the body needs.
Proper nutrition should be balanced to include all the needed body parts.

Why are these products?

Gluten free, no fat and other “no” is necessary only for those people who have an intolerance to these components. For example, patients with lactase deficiency, ie can not tolerate milk and milk products with lactose, milk sugar. People with coeliac can not tolerate the cereal protein.
But low-fat products are best avoided altogether, and all people. Even for those who have excess weight. Fats you just reduce in the diet, but not eliminate them completely. Because otherwise deteriorate the absorption of calcium, fat-soluble vitamins and metabolism. It is preferable to choose products with 1-2% fat, otherwise you may have health problems.

Products with the prefix “no” is often deprived of essential human nutritional values. Another disadvantage of their use is that they are more expensive than regular. And is it worth it to lose your own health for the money?