GM Assembly plant in Oshawa stopped the pipeline (PHOTO)

Сборочный завод GM в Ошаве остановил конвейер (ФОТО)

The press service of the General Motors announced that the company has stopped all car production at its Assembly plant in Oshawa in the result of the strike of the trade Union of auto workers (UAW), the United States.

Stopping production means that around 1850 workers, unionised, were temporarily laid off with pay.

The company ceased car production on Tuesday, sending about 1,200 hourly workers home for lack of parts, as more than 30 GM plants in the U.S. closed due to the strike, which was attended by about 49000 UAW workers.

On Friday, GM also stopped production line of Chevrolet Impala, which employs about 650 workers.

In a statement, GM Canada said it continues to operate a stamping plant in Oshawa, the plant parts in the St. Catharines and CAMI Assembly plant in Ingersoll, which produces SUVs.

On Monday, the Union members of the auto workers of GM plants in the U.S. stopped working for the first time in the last ten years due to disagreements on wages, health and safety.