GND challenges the undecided two days before the vote

GND challenges the undecided two days before the vote


GATINEAU | In what looked like a call for a strategic vote, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois began his campaign report on Saturday by inviting the undecided, young and old, to have a frank discussion by Monday on the future.  

“There are people in Quebec who are still hesitating. There are still undecided people wondering how they will vote next Monday. This morning, I have a message for the undecided in Quebec: this weekend, talk about politics with your family. Let's organize in Quebec, a great political “chatter” between the generations. “, launched the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, before leaving the riding of Hull to set sail for Montreal. 

After five weeks of the election campaign, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois notes “that there are two generations in Quebec who are worried about the future”. On the one hand: young people who are concerned about the environment and on the other, “also the generation that built Quebec” today, who “saw what happened in our CHSLDs during the pandemic and who is afraid of growing old there.

“I invite the generations of Quebec to talk to each other over the weekend and then to talk to each other about this future where we need to build ourselves together,” he insisted.Speaking of fear, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois wanted to reassure those who fear the consequences of the commitments put forward by Québec solidaire, such as the famous “orange taxes”, a label affixed by François Legault which seems to have stuck since the first televised debate . 

After having shown himself open, during an editorial interview with Le Journal, to “adjust” the application of the surcharge proposed by QS on more polluting vehicles, he now says he is just as “talkable” with regard to to the tax on large fortunes. 

“We have the chance to write a page of history in the Outaouais like the Abitibi-Témiscamingue gang did four years ago by electing Émilise Lessard-Therrien,” said QS co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois during a press briefing with his candidate in Hull, Mathieu Perron-Dufour.

“Well yes we are 'speakable' on everything, I am 'speakable' on everything. But is a little $100 more a year, if in return what we get is good CHSLDs, good hospitals, good schools and an environment that looks good, is it what is it worth? […] I think that there are many Quebecers who answer yes to that question.  

“What I'm saying to Quebecers anyway, he summed up, is: you don't have to agree with everything says Québec solidaire, but on Monday ask yourself the question: who is the best team to stop François Legault? Who has the best team to hound François Legault on the issues that are his greatest weaknesses: housing, the environment? I think that this team, Quebeckers recognize it: it is Québec solidaire. » 

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