GNS talked about the taxation of funds on personal cards

The information that in Ukraine, by default, will be taxed all the money coming to the personal cards for citizens, not true.

ГНС рассказала о налогообложении средств на личных картах

According to the State tax service (STS).

The Ministry noted that in order to find out details about income on someone’s card, the GNS will have to apply first to the court.

It should be noted that a number of media spread information about the fact that the tax to incomes of physical persons, the amount of 18% of income can be distributed to any proceeds on a Bank card. However, the tax this information denies.

Thus, it is noted that the procedure of taxation of natural persons no change in recent years did not happen, consequently, taxation will continue to be carried out in accordance with current legislation.

In addition to this, STS emphasizes that the Bank is without recourse to the court may notify the tax only on whether the person, who is not an entrepreneur, a Bank account.

“So, if the IRS discovers the account number of a natural person, for the disclosure of more detailed information on it (on the movement of funds, etc.) is required to go to court”, — stated in the message.

Therefore, information about the status of the account tax to can only by court order. Thus, this means that GNS has no right to control the movement of funds between accounts of individuals.