Goalkeeper “Atletico” has set a new record in La Liga “dry” matches

Голкипер "Атлетико" установил новый рекорд Ла Лиги по "сухим" матчам


Yesterday in the framework of the 29th round of the Spanish La Liga, “Atletico” away rastrojo middle peasants – “CA Osasuna” (5:0), and with this victory made a reshuffle in the standings, moving up from 5th to 4th place.

In addition to Jose Felix, who in “El Sadara” double, one of the heroes of the match in Pamplona was the Slovenian goalkeeper, Jan Oblak, who played his hundredth “dry” match.

27-year-old goalkeeper Quique spent for this 182 games, thereby setting a new record in La Liga.

Prior to this record belonged to Miguel Reina, who played his first hundred games to zero in the 222nd combat. Eks-the goalkeeper “Barcelona” Victor Valdes has reached a similar figure to 227-th game.

Note that among all goalies who have played most number of matches in La Liga “zero”, leading the legendary goalkeeper of “Barcelona” Andoni Zubizarreta (235 “dry” matches from 622 held 37,78%), Francisco Buyo, for most of his career spent in “the Real world” (213 out 542, 39,29%) and its successor, the “Royal club” Iker Casillas (177 of 510, to 34.7%).

For comparison, the index Cloud is now about 54.94%.

Besides, Slovenia is the first foreigner who played the 100 of “dry” matches in Spain.

This season, Jan has spent 39 matches for Atletico Madrid in all competitions, 17 of which stood “zero”.