‘God told me to save her’: California homeless man tried to snatch the kid from his mother

A homeless man was arrested for trying to kidnap 6-year-old girl while she was eating pizza with his family, says ABC News.

'Бог сказал мне спасти ее': в Калифорнии бездомный пытался вырвать ребенка из рук матери

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The incident occurred in Venice, California, when she and her family ate outside in the patio of the pizzeria.

The man approached the family several times before attempting to grab the child from his mother and say that he must “save the girl”.

“He started to tell us what God told him to save her. He came up to us trying to pick her up, ” said the girl’s father, Riley Pegram.

It was then that the family began to act to stop the homeless.

“He almost grabbed her. I pushed him, my brother pulled his hair and fell on top of him, I also jumped from the top, hold it,” said Pegram.

According to information from the police Department of Los Angeles, the suspect, who was later identified as Evan Mclaurin-Nelson — a former resident of Las Vegas who moved to California three years ago and is considered homeless.

Maclaurin-Nelson has an arrest record in California and Nevada, among which are public indecency and disorderly conduct.

6-year-old girl, Nevea Pegram, told how her uncle helped to escape from a stranger.

“This guy, he started to follow us, and then my uncle was forced to push him away from the road, but he continued to follow us,” she said.

“We think he was under the influence of something. On some type of drugs or something like that. I don’t know if he was homeless, but I know he took drugs,” said Riley Pegram.

The girl’s father and his brother were able to detain the suspect until the police arrived on the scene. Pegram said it took six officers to finally arrest the man.

“[Police officers] were taking him, and he just loudly shouted:” save the girl! Save the girl! I have to save her!” said Pegram.

The district attorney’s office County of Los Angeles accused Mclaurin-Nelson attempted kidnapping and resisting a police officer.