Going home: when the ship Elon musk Сrew Dragon will return to Earth

The spacecraft Crew Dragon leaves the International space station (ISS) with two NASA astronauts aboard the 1st of August. They need to go to Earth 2 numbers. About it writes “New Time”.

Пора домой: когда корабль Илона Маска Сrew Dragon вернется на Землю

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The spacecraft should splash down in the Atlantic ocean and NASA has made tentative timetable for the key stages of the return.

The visitation of astronauts from the ISS will begin August 1 at 06:10 Pacific time (09:10 new York). Sending a spacecraft from the ISS is scheduled for Aug 1 at 19:34 in new York, and landing in the Atlantic ocean scheduled for August 2, 14:42 in new York.

NASA promises to broadcast all the stages of the return of the astronauts on your website.

The return process will be dramatic. “The crew Dragon will move with the orbital speed, moving with a velocity of about 17 500 miles per hour (28 of 163 km / h). The maximum temperature that it will experience when entering the atmosphere, is approximately 3500 ° f (1926 C),” — said in a statement NASA.

A rescue ship will meet with SpaceX Crew Dragon to pick up the spacecraft and parachutes out of the water. The capsule will be raised on the ship, and Behnken and Hurley will meet the medical team.

“This latest test flight of SpaceX, and it will provide information about the characteristics of the Falcon 9 rocket, spacecraft Crew Dragon and ground systems, and operations in orbit, dock and restoration,” NASA said in a statement.

If Crew Dragon will pass this last test, SpaceX will be able to provide regular operational flights to the ISS since the end of this year. And it can end according to NASA from the Russian space ships for the first time since the beginning of the era of Shuttle flights.

Being on the international space station, Behnken has already performed two spacewalks to service the station, and now he, along with partner Doug Hurley will prepare to leave on the Ground.

According to Behnken, the astronauts of his generation, the descent ship on the water is a bit of an unknown procedure, so clearly they need to do their job to the NASA team on the Ground was able to safely locate and extract the capsule from the water.

“Crew Dragon is an automated vehicle, manual backup control, so we will follow the ship and if we need to intervene — we will do it,” says Behnken.

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