Gold continues to rise: the price rose to a historic high

Золото продолжает дорожать: цена выросла до исторического максимума

The cost of the precious metal has reached historical maximum — $ 2000 per ounce.

On the morning of 31 July, the gold price during the bidding rose nearly 2% to level of closing of the previous session and reached $2 005,4 per Troy ounce.

This is evidenced by indicators of the exchange Comex, which is a member of the new York Mercantile exchange.

Thus, the price of gold has updated the historical maximum.

By 10:20 in Kiev gold prices slowed growth to 1.4%. The precious metal traded at $1 994,6 per Troy ounce.

This performance was possible on the background of the collapse of the US economy. On the eve it became known about the quarterly fall in GDP of 32.9%. It has hit the price of oil and the American indexes.

Recall that in the last week, world gold prices rapidly climbed up. Experts attribute this to the economic crisis in the world caused by a coronavirus pandemic.