‘Gold mine’ in Turkey detained a sister liquidated the leader of the IG* with family (PHOTOS)

'Золотая жила': в Турции задержали сестру ликвидированного главаря ИГ* вместе с семьей (ФОТО)

The Turkish forces on November 4 was detained in the North of Syria 65-year-old sister liquidated the leader of the terrorist group “Islamic state”* (IG)* Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Rasmi Awad, who lived in a trailer with his family in North-West Syria. This year, reported Reuters and AP, citing a senior representative of the government of Turkey.

“Rasmiya Awad was captured near the village of Azaz. We hope to learn from sister al-Baghdadi valuable information about the internal functioning of the IG*” – said the official. Together with Rasmia Awad was her husband, sister-in-law and five children.

Turkish authorities suspected Awad of links with ISIS* and called her detention “a gold mine” for intelligence services, as its readings can help you better understand the structure of terrorist organizations and lead to the arrests of the leaders of ISIS* remaining at large. “What does she know about IG* can considerably extend our understanding of the group and to help us catch more bad guys,” said the official. Recall the whereabouts of the leader of the IG* has disclosed his ex-wife.

On 5 November the head of Department on public relations of the President of Turkey, the Altun Fahrettin confirmed the arrest of Rasmei Awad, reports NEWSru.co.il.

On 27 October, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the elimination of the head of ISIS in al-Baghdadi in Syria. According to him, during the operation of the us military the terrorist detonated a suicide vest, however, al-Baghdadi was able to “quickly and accurately identify”. October 31, U.S. Department of defense has released details and video of the operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi, and also revealed its main parts.

The operation of U.S. special forces Delta began on the 26th of October at midnight local time, when from the airport to the Iraqi Erbil soared eight Apache helicopters and CH-47 Chinook, on Board which were the men of Delta. Asylum al-Baghdadi in the village of Barish (Idlib province, Northwest Syria) were under constant surveillance by satellites and drones. Reaching the goal, Apache helicopters and strike UAVs launched several attacks on targets near the Barish and continued firing, allowing a secure fit for transport helicopters CH-47 Chinook.

Inside the building people were asked to surrender. Having been refused, the soldiers of Delta blew up the wall. 11 people managed to get out of the building. Himself Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi tried to escape through a tunnel with two 12-year-old children. In the end, he blew himself up together with the children, activating the detonator on the “suicide belt”. The DNA with absolute precision confirmed the fact of destruction of the leader of the IG*. The probability that the remains don’t it is 1 in 104 septillion (a number with 24 zeros). Just a place was destroyed, six members of the IG*: four women and two men, including al-Baghdadi.

Commander of the Central command of the armed forces of the U.S. General Kenneth Mackenzie confirmed that the body of al-Baghdadi was buried at sea. In addition, U.S. special forces were taken from the scene of destruction of al-Baghdadi, a significant volume of documents and electronic devices. Then the American forces used precision munitions to destroy the object and all of its contents.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.