Gold rose to a historical record

Золото подорожало до исторического рекорда

Photo: Reuters (archive photo)

Gold record rose

The price of gold on the background of the depreciation of the dollar reached a 2 008 dollars per Troy ounce. The price of silver reached a seven-year high.

Gold rose to the highest in the history of figure — 2 008 dollars per Troy ounce. With these results on Tuesday, August 4, ended trading on global markets, according to the investment portal of trading assets Investing.

The price of silver on world markets at the end of trading on 4 August amounted to 26 dollars per ounce, which is a record since April 2013.

Experts believe that this increase caused by the depreciation of the dollar and, as a consequence, the movement of investors towards safer from the point of view of return to assets.

Recall that in late July, was installed in the previous historical record, then the cost of one Troy ounce of gold on the Comex for the first time in history exceeded $2 thousand.

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