Golovkin – Derevyanchenko: online broadcast of the championship fight for two titles

Головкин – Деревянченко: онлайн-трансляция чемпионского боя за два титула

In the night of 5 to 6 October at the legendary Madison Square Garden in new York will fight for champion titles IBF and IBO Middleweight between former owner of the titles WBA, IBF, WBC and IBO Kazakhstan citizen Gennady Golovkin (39 wins, 35 of them by knockout, 1 loss, 1 draw) and the Ukrainian Sergey Derevyanchenko (13 wins, 10 of them by Ko, 1 defeat). Estimated beginning 6 Oct at 05:30 Kyiv time.


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Open training on the streets of new York

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Words before battle

Sergey Derevyanchenko:I had a great training camp. Thank you to my mentors for the organization of work and the selection of sparring partners. This battle is of the greatest importance for me. And the fight will not be easy. I respect Golovkin is a fantastic fighter. I probably expects the most difficult fight in my career. But I believe that is more than ready to show the world that Sergiy Derevyanchenko is a new superstar, and another Ukrainian champion“.

Gennady Golovkin:I Well remember him since his Amateur days, when he represented Ukraine at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008-m to year. I sparred with him in Germany. Then he performed in Kazakhstan at the world series of Boxing. It looks good“.

Головкин – Деревянченко: онлайн-трансляция чемпионского боя за два титула

Eddie Hearn, the promoter:Golovkin got the chance to become world champion. He lost his titles in a fight with Saulem Alvarez. But that is history. The IBF has ordered that Gennady needs to fight Derevyanchenko. Sergey is a very good fighter. You saw that he lost to Daniel Jacobs in close combat. That night, Jacobs Boxing is in terms of technology. He ended perepechenova Derevyanchenko. Golovkin will not attempt to simply Outbox Sergei. He will try to beat Derevyanchenko in battle. Perhaps in the opening rounds he will be able to simply Outbox the opponent, but make it very difficult. Golovkin will try to make Derevyanchenko fight. The last battle of Sergei against Jack Kulka was fascinating. He likes to stand still and fight. Derevyanchenko is a large and strong guy. I think they’ll start a war“.

Viktor Postol, the Ukrainian boxer: the Fight will be interesting. My opinion is that the battle will be 50-50. Serezha needs to push the fact that he’s younger, it’s supposed to help him. All the time he needs to attack, to go, to move. I think it will be faster on the legs and speed. Due to this he can beat Golovkin. But the fight will be very difficult. I don’t think that you need to strive to win by knockout. Sergey if you fall, in any case, take a moment to finish and finish the fight early. But if the fight is one-sided and Sergey will have the advantage in the glasses, the judges give him the victory“.

Teddy Atlas, trainer of Alexander Carnation:Derevyanchenko showed a good performance in a fight against Daniel Jacobs. But at the same time, he has demonstrated flaws in the protection. It will play against him in a fight with Golovkin. Direct blows GGG outweigh strikes Derevyanchenko and will stop the fight in the later rounds“.

Timothy Bradly, a former world champion in two weight categories: Sergey will enter the ring well prepared, he will give Golovkin some resistance. In the beginning of the battle there difficult moments for Gennady, but his perseverance, power and experience still outweigh. GGG wins by late stop within 10 rounds“.

Anton Goronok, chief editor of the site Vringe.com for XSPORT: I Hope that the match will be spectacular. Very interesting to see who like Boxing, because we all know that Golovkin has always been adept aggressive, attacking style, but now he has a new coach who says: “In his 37 years I’ll have to retrain, to make him more protective of the boxer”. Here it is interesting to see that it happens and, respectively, as Sergei will feel in the ring with such “hardened bison” of professional Boxing. Coach Derevyanchenko does not hide that they will rely on the work the jab. It will be interesting to watch this one, but Golovkin’s jab is excellent and very strong. I would advise Sergey to be cut with Golovkin, not to go to an outdoor Boxing, Golovkin which imposes: constant movement, working with offsets, the combination of “hit-left”. I suspect that, given the fact that Golovkin recently signed a contract with DAZN, and the streaming really wants to see his third fight with Alvarez, the judges will pull Golovkin, if he is not very convincing to prove themselves in the ring“.

A nice bonus for boxers

Initially at stake the match was only a vacant belt of the International Boxing Federation (IBF), but then the international Boxing organization (IBO) also decided to put his title on the upcoming fight.

Next fight — against Soulja Alvarez

“To win the IBF belt means for Golovkin is very small. It is rather about the win, will look good and whether he is able to use a victory to win the trilogy against Mexican boxer of Soulja Alvarez. Although Alvarez says he twice beat Golovkin, rumor has it that he will meet with him next may, if he won Derevyanchenko,” — shared his thoughts browser Boxingnews24.com Barry Holbrook.

The second championship fight for Derevyanchenko

The upcoming fight will be for our second national championship in his career — October 2018 Ukrainian also in new York, lost on points to American Daniel Jacobs for the vacant IBF title.


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