Goncharuk announced the launch of with 1 APR program medical services

The Ministry of health of Ukraine and the national health service of Ukraine together with the regions are working on launching a from 1 April 2020 program of medical services.

Гончарук анонсировал запуск с 1 апреля программы медицинских услуг

The Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said during a teleconference with heads of regional state administration, reported Government portal.

“For a good start of the second-level health reform until January 31, all the region had to provide the autonomization and computerization of medical institutions. Hospitals must be equipped with the necessary equipment, drugs. Must be doctors appropriate qualifications and practices. This should be done before 1 April,” — said Goncharuk.

According to him, if the facility does not meet the requirements, NCSU will not enter into a contract with such an institution, and consequently, the hospital does not receive funding. In this case, the money for the maintenance of medical institutions will allocate to the local authorities.

It is reported that already autonomation 97% of the institutions providing specialized care. The most problematic part of Zaporizhia, where autonomy is 85%. For example, as of February 5, all the key institutions of regional subordination does not autonomation.

At the same time, according to the government, the situation with the level of computerization and Informatization of institutions of secondary and tertiary medical care several worse.

In particular, five areas have completed the computerization only half — Luhansk (48%), Kharkiv (55%), Kyiv (55%), Sumy (56%), Zaporizhzhya (56%).

Therefore, the head of government instructed the heads of these areas to take measures to ensure that the computer equipment of health facilities providing specialized medical assistance.

He also instructed the head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration to speed up the process of autonomy in the region. But if companies do not have time to autocomservice and will not be able to enter into a contract with NCSU until 1 April, recommended that local authorities until the conclusion of the Treaty of hospitals with NCSU to secure their funding.

Program medical safeguards in 2020 implemented a guaranteed package of health services including primary care, emergency, ambulatory and polyclinic services of the profile of the doctor, which sent the family doctor, hospital. It also includes palliative care — service incurable diseases (pain relief, help to the families of patients, support of life, patient care). Also we are talking about rehabilitation and medical care in connection with childbirth; reimbursement of medicines.