Goncharuk boasted reduction in payment for gas

Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk said that in February Ukrainians will get the lowest bills for the entire heating season.

Гончарук похвастался снижением платежек за газ

The corresponding statement appeared in the official Telegram-channel Goncharuk.

“The government has fulfilled the instruction of the President and resulted in a net decrease bills for the heating. We have developed a mechanism that allows each heatsupplier to reduce “payment order”, and it is — transparent market pricing,” wrote Goncharuk.

He also noted that Ukrainians who are for individual heating, will pay up to 40% less than in February last year.

The Prime Minister also said that this time the Ukrainians will receive one payment system for gas, and not two as in the previous month. This payment will be the combined cost of gas and its transportation.

Goncharuk also noted that the Cabinet will continue to work on the constant decrease of the population of Ukraine on payment of utility services.