Goncharuk made a statement regarding the two slips on the gas

The division of payment for gas on two bills already thinking what to give, will not affect the aggregate value of the payment. This statement was made by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

Гончарук сделал заявление относительно двух платежек на газ

Payment for transportation has always existed, but previously it was part of the overall rate. Now the cost of transport are separated below, in case of need was the ability to freely change supplier. And this European market rules and the fight against monopolies“, – said the head of government in the Telegram.

According to Goncharuk, despite the division of the tariff into two parts, the total cost of the two pay stubs (gas and transportation), which received the Ukrainians in January, still less than last year in one payment.

He reminded that in December the cost of gas bills counted in 21 region of Ukraine, reducing it to 30%. This was possible due to the mechanism that the government provided the enterprises Teplokommunenergo for the implementation of the appropriate allocation.

In February, the Ministry of social policy will automatically accrue grants and privileges for separate service to distribute natural gas for January and February 2020. Citizens do not need to address this, “–said Goncharuk.

He also said that the payment slips for the transportation of gas by the Ukrainians, which gas is not used, will be minimal. For example, the cost of distribution of gas, intended for the preparation of write, will be only 2.8 UAH.

The Prime Minister promised to contact the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKU) a proposal to approve a minimum payment in the absence of gas consumption.

In addition, the government will offer to provide concurrent receipt of these two pay stubs, Ukrainians were more comfortable paying for services.

Why in the end, the touted “action” of the Cabinet to reduce the cost of payroll for heating was “disposable”, I understood the website Today.