Goncharuk: Ukrainians should pay less for heat

The government has worked hard to reduce the cost of bills for heating to 30%.

Гончарук: украинцы должны платить меньше за тепло

This was announced by Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk, reports Censor.NO.

“Now 143 enterprises have carried out the recalculation in the 21 area and the city of Kiev. As a result, the Dec people the price received in the payment to 30% less. However, the heating season is still ongoing. Therefore, in January and February the local authorities must make efforts to make Ukrainians pay less for heat,” — said Goncharuk, adding that all the necessary mechanisms for this, the government has provided.

Goncharuk said that now the price of gas is lower than in the same period last year, explaining that transparent market pricing.

The Prime Minister thanked the local authorities in those areas where took place the allocation of the tariff, and urged representatives in the field, which still did not actively join the process.

Recall that government adopted Goncharuk resolution No. 1082 has allowed local authorities and utility companies to carry out the recalculation.

“The size of the conversion depends primarily on the share of natural gas, the cost of which was able to reduce the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The more gas the company uses, the more possible the percentage of conversion. But for the production of heat also can be used coal, pellets and other “, — said portal.