Good habits that harm the health

You will be surprised that we all have habits that only seem to be useful. Mindless adherence to them can harm the health.

Хорошие привычки, которые вредят здоровью

The distributed “pests”:

  • Hygiene

Daily shower in the morning and evening, regular hand washing with soap and other mangelinajolie perfect purity of the body reduces the natural immunity. Is flushing mikroorganizmov from the skin, giving way to harmful microbes.

In addition, detergents will deprive you of the natural fatty barriers of the skin surface, leading to peeling and cracks, and open the way to infections. This is observed in perfectionist attitude to clean house, adding an allergic reaction of detergents. Frequent rinsing your mouth with water after brushing teeth washes and protects against caries substances in toothpaste.

  • The mode of the day

Let’s consider the myths about the benefits of sleep. A mandatory eight-hour sleep is not as useful as it seems. Maintaining this regime, we end up feeling fatigue and tired. It is more correct to get if you were satisfied by six hours of sleep, and not try to put Dospat. The same applies to afternoon rest. Digestion begins before we got up from the table. Our body is ready to Wake and work. He is full of energy. But we laid him to rest, to accumulate the fat. These habits are extremely harmful.

  • Breathing with full breast

Surprisingly, this method of breathing ventilates the lungs worse than even shallow breathing. With this method, breathe the air, we expand only the upper part of the lungs, and the lower part remains untapped. It certainly fills us with oxygen, but often causes stagnant processes at the bottom of the lungs, which there increases the content of toxic substances. It will be useful to involve in the process of respiration the diaphragm, that is, to learn to breathe with your belly. This will save you from lung diseases and intoxication.

  • Habits caused by civilization

You will be surprised, but such habits very much. Look at the funny love some people to sit on the toilet. This device recently received widespread. Before the purgation was out of position on his haunches. At that time, were not so common diseases of the colon, for example, hemorrhoids. Because the natural position for defecation not only help proper cleansing of the body but also support the desired tone of the involved muscles.

So think before to acquire a new healthy habit. Take care of yourself!