Good news for Monika's fans from “Sanatorium of Love”. It will be shown on TVP again. In what role

Monika from “Sanatorium of Love” will reappear on the air. In what role?

 Good news for Monika's fan from

According to the portal “Goniec”, fans of Monika from “Sanatorium of Love” have reasons to be pleased. It turns out that the beloved patient will soon appear on TVP soon. What role will we be able to see her now?

Monika from “Sanatorium of Love” returns with her own show?

“Sanatorium of Love” is one of the undisputed hits of the public broadcaster, which has a large number of admirers. Viewers eagerly follow the fate of other seniors who are looking for friendship and love in the program. Many of the patients can still count on the interest of fans who follow their lives.

One of the more liked participants of the love show is Monika Zajączkowska. Her profile in social media is watched by many people who, among other things, are curious if the former “Sanatorium of Love” patient and Andrzej will finally be together.

There are many indications that fans of Monika Zajączkowska will have the opportunity to see her on TVP. Shooting for the new format of the station has already started. It is supposed to be a program entitled “Poland enjoys me”, in which Zajączkowska would be supposed to present interesting tourist places in our country, and not necessarily the most obvious ones.

Zajączkowska is to be one of the three hosts of the new format. Fans of the patients of “Sanatorium of Love” admit in the comments that they will surely watch the program with her participation and can't wait for the premiere.

You are curious how with the new challenge Can Monika Zajączkowska handle it?