Good sleep is important for intestinal health

Another study showed that the quality of sleep at night is important for all health as a whole. It is especially useful for the gastrointestinal system.

Хороший сон важен для здоровья кишечника

Every year there is growing evidence on how important healthy sleep is for our health. And now researchers from Australia have proved that the shortage of sleep or its poor quality associated with the deterioration of the microbiome of the intestine. And from a variety of intestinal bacteria, and in particular, the presence of the so-called “good” bacteria in sufficient quantities depend on a variety of aspects of our health, including immunity.

Science already convinced about the existence of a strong link between the gut and brain, which is influenced by intestinal bacteria. It is possible that poor sleep quality has a pronounced negative effect on the diversity and health of intestinal bacteria, i.e. microorganisms and genetic material contained in the gastrointestinal tract. The authors of the study evaluated the sleep quality of a group of volunteers, and then use analyses of stool was determined by the diversity of their microbiome of the intestine.

The researchers emphasize that the diversity of the intestinal microbiome affects the likelihood of developing a number of ailments, including Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune diseases and mental disorders like anxiety and depression. The more diverse is the microbiome of the intestine, the stronger is health.