Google, Apple, Facebook: how to earn in the United States programmers with work visas

When the question arises, how many are in the US, the software developers in the largest technological companies in the country, the answer seems simple: quite a lot. But in these data there are nuances that are worth paying attention to, says Dice.

Google, Apple, Facebook: сколько зарабатывают в США программисты с рабочими визами

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To obtain accurate data, the authors turned to a database on the salaries of holders of H-1B visa, indexing information about the conditions of labour of United States Department of labor. The analysis has narrowed down to software developers (software engineers) and used data for October 2019, after which the added information for July 2020.

For example, in October 2019, the median salary of a software developer were:

Google — $138 000 per year;
Microsoft — $125 000;
Apple — $120 307.

By July 2020, the payroll has increased significantly (the authors have added the data of two companies):

Google — $142 000 per year;
Facebook — $167 000;
Microsoft — $143 520;
Apple — $168 000;
Amazon — $145 500.

This is much higher than the “average” salary of a specialist in the field of technology in the amount of $94, 000, but approximately the level that these large technology companies pay their software developers in General.

Here is a breakdown of the salary of the developer AT the entry level:

Amazon (SDE I)

  • Salary — $115 471
  • Bonus $21 080
  • Securities — $15 854
  • Total — $152 405

Microsoft (SDE)

  • Salary — $105 232
  • Bonus $20 911
  • Securities — $29 643
  • Total — $155 786

Apple (ICT2)

  • Salary — $125 840
  • Bonus — $17 420
  • Securities — $24 510
  • Total — $167 770

Google (L3)

  • Salary — $120 869
  • Bonus $20 234
  • Securities — $39 482
  • Total — $180 585

Of course, this is not the full picture. These technology firms hire subcontractors H-1B all specializations of the business services and consulting firms; for example, according to the U.S. Department of labor, Apple has attracted 2274 workers H-1B with this secondary market in 2019, while Google — 889 workers. And evidence suggests that workers with H-1B in these subcontracting firms earn significantly less than their colleagues in other companies: in Accenture, the average salary of H-1B is $96 366, Tata — $68 000, and Capgemini — $89 918 (IBM, which is engaged in business consulting in addition to his technical business, it is $86 653).

As soon as you start to look into this secondary market, the determination of the median or average salaries for different jobs on H-1B becomes much darker, despite the attempts of the Federal government to force these companies to disclose more data.

A temporary ban trump for H-1B visa (the validity of which expires at the end of the year, but can theoretically be extended if trump becomes President again) can also have a significant impact on the wages of workers of H-1B already in the country. Especially if they really have a special set of skills — companies can be big problems finding contractors.

The emphasis on domestic staffing — one of the intentions of the ban.

“In the management of the immigration system of our country, we must be aware of the impact of foreign workers on the labor market of the United States, especially in the current extreme conditions of high domestic unemployment and lower demand for labor, — stated in the decree. — Historically, when recovery after the economic shocks that lead to significant performance decline, the recovery in employment lags behind improvements in economic activity”.

Of course, it will take several quarters to accurately measure the impact of the ban. Meanwhile largest technology companies seem happy to pay relatively high wages to their software developers H-1B — at least to those whom they employ directly.




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