Google endorses Donald Trump's social network, Truth Social, on its app store

Google endorses Donald Trump's social network, Truth Social, on its store applications


Donald Trump's social network, Truth Social, can be downloaded from the Google Play Store since Wednesday, when the internet giant refused it this summer, deeming content moderation insufficient on the platform of the former US president. 

Google told AFP that Truth Social had finally agreed to update its application to ensure that its rules on the removal of messages inciting violence is applied.

To be distributed on Google's mobile app store, programs “must comply with our Publisher Guidelines, including requirements to effectively moderate content posted by third parties and to remove objectionable material such as that incite violence,” a spokesperson said.

Launched at the end of February, Truth Social aims to be an alternative to the major social networks, Twitter in particular, from which Donald Trump has been suspended since the beginning of January 2021, with freedom of expression as a leitmotiv and minimal content moderation.

Its parent company, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), was pleased last week to have been admitted to the Samsung application store in the United States, the Galaxy Store. This “represents a major step for the availability of Truth Social in the United States, given that Samsung has a 30% market share” in this country, the company said in a press release.

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Google refused to welcome the platform to its Play Store in August, considering content moderation to be “insufficient”.

The world number one of online advertising explained that he told Truth Social about “several violations” of app store policies.

The Californian group said it had “again indicated that having effective systems for moderating user-generated content was a (necessary) condition for an application to be posted on Google Play”.

According to a spokesperson for the group, Truth Social had replied to this letter by ensuring that it was “working on these issues”.

Unlike iOS and the iPhone, the operating system Google's Android for smartphones allows a user to download an application through channels other than their own application store.

However, the store remains the preferred interface for users of an Android phone, who represent the overwhelming majority of smartphones in the world.

On the Apple App Store, where it is well present, Truth Social arrives in 89th position in the category “social networks”.


TMTG has also been delaying for months to finalize its merger with a listed vehicle, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), which should enable it to go public and receive fresh money in the process.

DWAC's stock rose nearly 9% in electronic trading after the New York Stock Exchange closed on Wednesday.

Excluded from major platforms, Donald Trump has only found a fraction of his subscribers on Truth Social. 

He is currently followed by 4.18 million people there, compared to 88.8 million on Twitter and 35.4 million on Facebook before his ousting for cheering on his supporters during a the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, which had killed several people.

The social network is used in particular by fans of the QAnon nebula to relay their conspiracy theories linking, for example, personalities of the American Democratic Party such as Hillary Clinton has a satanist and pedophile network.

NewsGuard, which rates news sources based on their reliability, found 88 accounts sharing QAnon content with more than 10,000 followers on Truth Social, including more half were “certified”, and more than a third had been banned from and Twitter.