Google has dedicated a Doodle to myself: what does it mean

Google посвятил дудл самому себе: что это значит

Search Google turns 21 years old. In this regard, the company congratulated itself, with the holiday bright ludlam.

Recall that the main domain of the search engine was was 15 September 1997. The company itself was founded on 4th September 1998. But the Corporation’s birthday is celebrated on September 27.

As you know, over 20 years ago by two students from Stanford — Sergey Brin and Lawrence page published a paper about the launch of the prototype “large-scale search engine”. They called it BackRub because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site.

It looked like a start page Google 21 years ago.

Google посвятил дудл самому себе: что это значит

Today Google is a large multinational Corporation. The Google search engine works worldwide in more than 100 languages, answering a trillion search queries every year.

Google currently provides a lot of services and products that are not less popular than its search engine. The company also is the Creator of the world’s most popular mobile operating system — Android.

In addition, the company manufactures equipment — laptops, smartphones, smart speakers, headset, virtual reality, intelligent cameras and other devices.

Google responds to all significant events in the world of bright Doodle.

By September 1, the Google team has prepared a funny screen saver to start page search engine. The animated Doodle dedicated to school bell — the main character of the holiday. And on the Day of independence of Ukraine has published a colorful Google Doodle with the flag of Ukraine.

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