Google has removed more than 200 Youtube channels to publish videos about the protests in Hong Kong (PHOTOS)


Google удалила свыше 200 каналов Youtube, публиковавших видео о протестах в Гонконге (ФОТО)

American Corporation Google has removed 210 channels on YouTube, where users spread the video-related protests in Hong Kong. This is stated in a statement published Thursday on the web page of the company.

“Earlier this week in the fight against coordinated operations of exerting influence we have disabled 210 YouTube-channel to discover that they operate consistently across the network, posting video related to the continuing protests in Hong Kong”, reads the statement of the head of group risk analysis of Google Shane HUNTLEY.

According to him, the makers of remote channels used special means, including VPN services to hide their origin, as well as other activities relevant to the “coordinated operations”. Thus, according to Google, there had been a manipulation of public opinion.

The company also stated that it had taken measures to protect its customers in Kazakhstan, which began to force the install on the electronic device a special program, developed by the government that allows you to decrypt and read user messages, and also to know his passwords and accounts.

In connection with the protests in Hong Kong and other high-tech companies capture attempts to influence public opinion, and they come from China. August 19, Twitter announced that recorded in the segment of the network of microblogging in Hong Kong information operation with the participation of 936 accounts registered in the PRC. The company has specified that only mentioned the most active participants in information operations, which is close to 200 thousand. Company Facebook also informed Monday about locking in my social networks seven pages, three groups and five accounts, “involved in concerted actions, which originate from China and are concentrated in Hong Kong”.

At the beginning of June in Hong Kong, mass protests broke out against the initiated by the local authorities of the bill, which aims to establish the mechanism of delivery from Hong Kong to mainland China for the prosecution of persons suspected of violating laws of China or under investigation. Under public pressure, the head of the local administration Carrie Lam took the bill from the agenda, but that hasn’t stopped a wave of protests.

In the coming days, Pro-democracy activists convene new demonstrations. In particular, on Friday evening, tens of thousands of people plan to hold hands and form a kilometers-long human chains along the three metro lines in Hong Kong.

Continuing the third month, the protests have caused serious damage to the tourism and hospitality business. Hotel prices in some areas fell by half, reports TASS.

According to the Deputy of the Legislative Council Yao Suguna, who oversees the tourism sector, in August the cost of living in hotels has decreased by at least 50% compared to the same period last year. This is particularly true of areas such as Admiralty, WAN Chai, Causeway Bay and Chim Sha Tsui, which was engulfed in mass demonstrations. Some hotels fell by 70%.

However, twice reduced the occupancy rate of hotels. Against this backdrop, some luxury hotels such as The Mira, asked a third staff to take vacation.

Serious losses suffered and retail: decline in sales is estimated at 10%. In addition, losses the airlines suffer. The Australian company Qantas said the reduction of transport in Hong Kong 7%, and next month intends to send the aircraft of smaller capacity.

In such districts as Causeway Bay, fell sharply the attendance of the restaurants on the background of the decline in the flow of tourists from mainland China. The shares of many local companies related to tourism, trade, catering, transport and rent of real estate have undergone a significant decline on the Hong Kong stock exchange. In total since June the Hang Seng index lost 25%.