Google will stretch fiber-optic cable between the United States and Europe

Google протянет волоконно-оптический кабель между США и Европой

A new cable will connect America with Spain and England. Work will be completed next year.

Google intends to pave a new fiber-optic cable, which will connect the US to the UK and Spain. On Tuesday, July 28, according to a company blog.

It is noted that the cable will be named in honor of one of the first U.S. scientists in computer science grace Hopper, who was also kontradmiral the U.S. Navy.

The company noted that grace Hopper is one of the first cables laid between the United States and Britain since 2003. This will be the first investment by Google in a private underwater cable going to the UK, and the first cable, which the company will make to Spain. In Spain it will be integrated into the center of the cloud technology, which Google intends to create about Madrid.

Google has signed an agreement with American SubCom, specializing in the laying of submarine cables. The company plans to finish construction in 2022.

Today it was also reported that the Google workers a year will not go to the office.This decision was made by management of the company and will affect almost all of the 200 thousand permanent employees.

As previously reported, the office Googleпланировал otkrytaja a limited number of staff from July 6. By September at their desks had to return a third of the company’s employees.