Got fat and overgrown: fans didn’t recognize abruptly paderewskiego Colin Farrell

Back in July, the actor was in great shape: slender and fit.

Потолстел и оброс: поклонники не узнали резко подурневшего Колина Фаррелла

Colin Farrell, with the most striking works which in recent years began the role in the film “Fantastic beasts and where they live” and “Dumbo” by Tim Burton, has changed dramatically. The star was seen on the streets of Los Angeles in a completely unrecognizable form: with a full beard and a solid reserve of body fat on the first of a slender body.

Потолстел и оброс: поклонники не узнали резко подурневшего Колина Фаррелла

In the photo the actor with a friend enjoying the taste of coffee. However, shocked fans suspect that Colin is abusing not just coffee – it’s very noticeable changes in his weight, even in comparison with July of this year. Just a few months ago, the actor showed great form and steel muscles in the gym.

Most hope that these changes with their favorite actor to do with preparing for a new role. The fact that Colin did not once had to “eat side” for the great images in cinema. The most striking examples is the movie “horrible bosses”, where Farrell played with Jennifer aniston, and memorable role in the film “the Lobster”, for which the actor gained 20 kg in just 2 months.

Not so long ago Colin had finished work on a new Thriller “eve” with a red-haired beauty Jessica Chastain. However, October 5, started shooting a new BBC series “Northern waters”, where Farrell was approved for the role of the whaler and the main villain. Perhaps the extra weight and bulk of the beard became part of his new image, and soon, fans will see the reverse transformation of the star.