Government employees Ford will receive a “Supplement” to the salary (PHOTO)

Сотрудники правительства Форда получат «добавку» к зарплате  (ФОТО)

Since coming to power in June last year, the Ontario government has made it clear that the province has little money for such vital services as health, education, legal assistance, protection of labour, the case of indigenous peoples, childcare, research and the fight against poverty.

On the other hand, a retroactive 14 percent growth in wages for the highest officials in Ontario? This is quite reasonable according to the Premier, Doug Ford, it seems.

This week news resource to Queen’s Park Today told of the document, which States that in respect of all the 28 Deputy Ministers of the province planned a significant increase in wages: the minimum wages in the amount of $205000 to grow to $234080.

The increase will be backdated from 30 June 2018, with a maximum salary set at $320130 (about 3% higher from the previous high of $311050).

Plus bonuses for performance.

“Taking into account the production cycle, from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 and beyond, the Deputy Minister may be entitled to receive remuneration according to the results,”the document reads.

“This fee is not part of base salary”.

In a document dated September 26 but posted on 10 October, said that any remuneration “should be calculated as a percentage of annual base salary Deputy Minister” and that the award will be paid in a lump sum at the end of the year.

The representative of the Treasury Board of Ontario Sebastian Skalski told reporters at Queen’s Park Today that the model of payment by results, “ensures that payments are available only to the most distinguished experts who have successfully addressed the challenges facing the government priorities”.

Skalski stated that no additional funds allocated for this purpose will not. Instead, the costs will be regulated through existing provisions to ensure that “any adjustment for salary multiples was offset by efficiency and economy”.

The office of the Prime Minister blames for the need to increase the previous liberal government of Ontario and the collective agreement in 2017, but Queen’s Park Today notes that in the public documents there is no mention of increases in the minimum wage from 2016, when it stood at $205000.

Residents of Ontario are outraged by the news about increase of salaries of Ministers in the government Ford.

After just 4 months ago, the PC government has decided to limit wage growth in the public sector, stating that it will not exceed 1% over the next three years.

And the fact that Ministers who earn more than 200,000 dollars a year will receive a significant raise, while minimum wage in Ontario remains at 14 dollars an hour, many generally results in shock.

“The highest paid in the history of Ontario officials have received a raise, – commented one user on Twitter. But raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars working for them? Yes never!”

“Austerity only works for others, I understand – wrote in another Facebook. – I would ask some of the Deputy Minister what he thinks about it, but they’re all in 4-month paid leave, trying to stay as far away from the election.”