Grand challenge Pierre Lavoie: thousands of people gathered in Quebec on Saturday

Pierre Lavoie Grand Challenge: Thousands Gather in Quebec City Saturday


Thousands of walkers of all ages took advantage of the good weather to put on their running shoes and walk through the Old Capital on Saturday, during the Great Walk of the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie. 

“We all have the ability to improve our health one step at a time, it's given to everyone to walk. What we see today is a demonstration in favor of that. Our health system and the environment need it,” says Pierre Lavoie.

The 58-year-old ambassador led a troupe of several thousand people who, after attending Guylaine Tremblay's outdoor show, followed a 5 km route across the Plains of Abraham to promote healthy lifestyles.   

Thousands of walkers of all ages took advantage of the good weather to put on their sneakers and walk through the Old Capital on Saturday, on the occasion of the Great March of the Grand Challenge Pierre Lavoie.

Across the province, nearly 100,000 people took part in the activity, which began on Friday and is spreading to around 100 cities. We expect to reach 125,000 participants by Sunday evening.

“It is very inspiring to see so many people coming together to promote good lifestyle habits. We are proud to help spread this event across Quebec,” said Sébastien Ménard, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Journal de Québec, partner of the event. 

< strong>Lead by example  

The Great March drew a particularly heterogeneous crowd in front of the National Assembly on Saturday morning. From toddlers to the elderly, regular runners to newcomers to sports activities, there was something for everyone.

“My wife and I have decided to move since some time to hope to live longer and see our great-grandchildren grow up. Now is the time to do it as a family! says Louis Roussy, accompanied by his wife, his granddaughter and his great-grandchildren.

Physical education teachers from the greater Quebec City region have also spread the word to their students in the last few days, hoping to see them there and break the sedentary habits of some.

“C' is such a great unifying event. We wanted to participate to set an example and show that we can have fun while moving! “, says Émilie Paradis. 

”  ;We will not lack courage » 

Called to speak, the mayor of Quebec Bruno Marchand made a rather grim observation of responsible travel in his city. 

According to him, 42% of trips of less than 1 km are not made not in active transport. A figure that rises to 92% when we take into account journeys of less than 5 km.

“Imagine the impact we can have if we build a city where we allow people to improve their health simply by going to work or to the grocery store […] in a safe way, on foot or by bike,” he said.

“  We won't lack courage, but we're going to need you guys because we're going to have a lot of headwinds,” he added. 

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