Grand papal mass: flat calm on Sainte-Anne Boulevard

Papal High Mass: dead calm on Sainte-Anne Boulevard


Traffic is fluid on Route 138, placed under close surveillance by the Sûreté du Québec, but vehicles can still venture up to four kilometers from the Basilica before taking a detour.  

Forbidden to heavy vehicles, campers and trailers, it's dead calm on Sainte-Anne Boulevard. Cars wishing to head east can still get much closer than expected to the Basilica before being forced to take a detour.   

A first checkpoint, to redirect trucks, campers and trailers, was formed by SQ agents at the height of the Church Hill in Boischatel. However, motorists can continue their journey eastbound to rue Paré, which is only four kilometers upstream from the Sainte-Anne basilica where Pope Francis is expected at 10 a.m. 

Busloads of pilgrims attending Mass can go directly to the Basilica after being stopped at the various checkpoints. SQ patrol cars and police officers are stationed at all traffic lights on the boulevard.  

No heavy vehicles were stopped at this location pending the reopening of the road . 

Closed westbound

The westbound lane of the 138 is however closed to traffic. According to the initial plan, the 138 was to be closed from rue des Montagnards in Beaupré, a detour of almost seven kilometers.  

Various convoys of dignitaries surrounded by SQ motorcyclists circulated towards the Basilica, but on the west lanes.