Granddaughter Rotaru has released a new English-language track

The granddaughter of the legendary Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru, 18-year-old Sofia Yevdokymenko, acting under the stage name Sofia Eve, presented a new English-language song. The song is called Lonely Walkers.

Внучка Ротару выпустила новый англоязычный трек

On the exit of the track, the young singer announced on his page in Instagram. The song is also available on the YouTube channel famous grandmother.

Fans of Sony already managed to estimate her new track, they called it a hit. “The song is simply a masterpiece”, “Definitely a hit! Congratulations”, “Elegant song”, “I’m Sure success is guaranteed for a song”, “super Track”, — write fans in the comments.

Sonia Evdokimenko is not only a singer but also a model. Granddaughter Rotaru adolescence participated in shows, was photographed for famous magazines. In 2015, she even was awarded the title “Best model” at the ceremony of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Prize.

Last year Sonja opened a singing talent and decided to become a singer. However, she sings in Ukrainian and in English. The young artist now lives and studies in London.