Granddaughter Rotaru walked around Manhattan in a daring way

18-year-old granddaughter Sofia Rotaru, Sonia Evdokimenko boasts impeccable sense of taste and style. Not for nothing the girl went to study at the famous new York design School. Now Yoon beauty can often be seen in Manhattan, where Sofia plays the stylish photosets. So, granddaughter Rotaru took a walk around the city centre in embroidery and leather pants, and posed on the background of urban attractions. Now the girl decided to change her image and appeared before the fans in a bold manner.

Внучка Ротару прогулялась по Манхэттену в дерзком образе

Sonia chose to outings dress-mini extreme long, embroidered with sequins of Paco Rabanne original black jacket with short sleeves and patch pockets Prada and bold bow completed high boots with buckles from Chloe.

On one of the pictures the girl depicted in full growth, and another photo – portrait. It seems that the makeup Sonia is completely absent, but it is not – Nude-make-up only emphasized the natural beauty of the model.

Under the photo have gathered a lot of comments from admiring the beauty of the girl subscribers.

  • Elegant appearance
  • You are the best
  • Sofia is waiting for world fame!
  • Incredibly beautiful!
  • Queen
  • Lovely creature!
  • You do look very beautiful here
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