Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru in “cheeky” manner walked around new York city

The granddaughter of the famous singer Sofia Rotaru, 18 year old Sonia Evdokimenko continues to win fans with a succession of stylish everyday images. Note that she is developing a blog and clearly wants to grow in the modeling field. She attends fashion shows of world famous brands, from time to time she acts as a model. When this girl literally every day shares fashion inspiration with thousands of army of fans in the network instagram.

Внучка Софии Ротару в «дерзком» образе прогулялась по Нью-Йорку

So, on his page Sonia has published a series of photos in a new trendy autumn look. Which was a measure of “rebellious”. Girl posing on a background of city landscapes (by the way, new York, where she lives). The Dormouse — simple blue jeans with holes at the knees. Although it should be noted that this season stylists advise against scuffs and holes on the jeans. And to give preference to plain denim.

The image complements the black t-shirt tucked into the pants. As well as sports bomber.

Fans of the blogger and model hastened to leave your comments under her new photo:

  • “Stylish, fashionable, beautiful”
  • “You look beautiful”
  • “Very beautiful photography”
  • “Love this outfit”
  • “Photo for a magazine cover”
  • “Waaaw this gorgeous photograph”
  • “Great picture, you are gorgeous”
  • “And you are really cute”

Note, until this 18-year-old Sophia has already shown stylish autumn Luke in jeans.