Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru noticed rounded tummy

Granddaughter of the famous singer Sofia Rotaru Sonia Evdokimenko, which has released a new song Lonely Walkers, lit rounded tummy.

У внучки Софии Ротару заметили округлившийся животик

The girl posted on his page in Instagram photo on which poses in a short sparkly dress with a slit revealing a slender leg. The picture was taken in new York.

Subscribers are bombarded Sonia with compliments, noting her long legs, beautiful dress and stylish styling, and considered the photo rounded tummy, suggested that Sonia may soon become a mother. It is known that she is Dating French millionaire mark Dumenil, spent a few months in Italy.

Sonia herself has not commented on the rumors. In other pictures it shows how it works on her figure. In the new photos she looks slim and athletic. Most likely, sparkly dress was just bad in bed.

У внучки Софии Ротару заметили округлившийся животик