Grandson Snoop Dog died 10 days after birth

Woe happened in the family of 47-year-old rapper. The heir to Snoop Dogg Corde Broadus spoke about the tragedy that happened to his newborn son Kai.

Внук Снуп Дога умер через 10 дней после рождения

Snoop Dogg with children: Cordell, CORI and Cord

Snoop Dogg is a proud father of three children. He tries to participate in the life of the sons of the Cord and Cordella and does not leave without attention the daughter Corey. On the days the rapper has had an accident.

September 28, eldest son of the rapper shared on Instagram the post, which talked about the death of his child. The boy, named Kai Love, was only 10 days old. On the causes of death of the son of 25-year-old Corde Broadus did not mention.

KORD and his beloved Soraya raising a 13-month-old daughter of Eleven Love. According to the son of Snoop Dogg, they are beloved found the strength to move on.

“He died in my arms, and this feeling never gonna leave me. Quite clear to me why two loving people like me and Soraya, were given the angel-like Kai. We will use his energy to raise Eleven a better person,” wrote Cord.

Snoop Dogg so far not commented on this sad news.

Corde Broadus gave the famous rapper two grandchildren: a 4-year-old Zion and one-year-old Eleven. Newborn Kai was to be the third.

Users in the comments brought the young father my condolences.