Great fruit will continue to go up further

In Ukraine, the rose apples in an average 6%, according to market research during the fourth week of 2020. Experts predict a strengthening of the trends popular in Ukraine, the fruit will continue to gain in price.

Популярный в Украине фрукт продолжит дорожать дальше

This is reported by analysts of the project EastFruit, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

With regard to individual varieties, the Ukraine prodoljaetsa clearly demonstrate their vectors international trade. So, throughout this week (20.01-26.01) in Ukraine rose in price, the quality of the Apple cultivar “Golden delicious” — the variety is popular in almost every country.

Apples “Gala” and “Granny Smith” and “Fuji” were gradually increased in price in Ukraine since the beginning of the year, demand in the international market. And only slightly higher in price varieties that are in demand on the Russian market, namely “Idared”, “Jonagold” and “Renet Simirenko”.

The average cost of different varieties of apples in Ukraine in kg:

  • Golden — 15,3 UAH;
  • Idared — 14,13 UAH;
  • Jonagold — 14,6 UAH;
  • Simirenko — 14, 13 UAH;
  • Gala 14,6 UAH;
  • Granny Smith and 14.9 UAH;
  • Fuji and 14.9 UAH.

So, the main result of the last week, analysts noted the growth of prices for apples in Ukraine. Although, the price tags on the cultivars Fuji in Moldova surpassed the Ukrainian, and by grade “Idared”, “Jonagold” and “Renet Simirenko” came close to the values recorded in Ukraine.

According to experts, the volume of the remaining batches of apples of high quality in the storage will be a major factor in pricing in the last months of the season.