Great success for the Matapédia Quad Festival

Great success for the Matapedia Quad Festival


AMQUI | More than 300 quad riders took part in the 20th Festival quad matapédien which took place last weekend. After their event had been canceled for two years due to the pandemic, the organizers were able to discover that it is a must in the world of Quad biking in Quebec.

“Very honestly, after two years of absence, we really did not know what to expect, explains the president of the Matapédia mountain bike club, which organizes this annual meeting, André Blouin. With over 300 signups, I have to admit the answer is pretty clear. Quad enthusiasts from all over Quebec have come to us to discover our nature and our trails that are out of the ordinary. I say it very humbly, we have the most beautiful summer trails. ”

The president has much to be proud of. The team of volunteers around him does a colossal job.

“Without their involvement, this titanic work would not be possible. We have 720 kilometers of trails, maintained to perfection. Quad riders can count on the 9,300 road signs we have installed to know where they are and what services are available from their position. Our teams of volunteers regularly visit the club's trails, so that the experience that quad riders live with us is perfect. 

More than 300 quad riders from all over Quebec gathered in Amqui this weekend to participate in the 20th edition of the Festival quad matapédien. Gathered before departure, they were very eager to discover the trails.

Quite honestly, I have known André Blouin for several years. He often invited me to come and discover the trails of his club, bragging about them to me. After this festival weekend and nearly 400 kilometers covered, I must admit that these trails are expertly maintained by the volunteers who take care of everything, placing the sign posts or replacing them if they are moved. The edges of the trails are mowed to ensure that nothing hinders the passage of quad riders.


To get as many ATV riders to circulate at the same time on the trails, you need good organization.

“We had red circuits and green circuits, which allowed quad riders to circulate in smaller numbers, around 15, with marshals, one at the front and another at the rear, explains the president. We had departures every 15 minutes, which avoids congestion on the routes. We have made discover our trails and our exceptional nature by transporting them up to more than 3000 feet in altitude. We also have some very special sites that I am very proud of”. 

“Also, I would like to emphasize that all members of the club have concern for the environment at heart. They make it a point of honor not to leave trash on the trails. If you find a bottle on the ground, pick it up and keep it because it's a museum item. We spread product to reduce dust near homes. Really, for us, the environment is essential. 

The belvedere of the Chute à Philomène is very impressive. Produced by the club, it has become a true regional emblem.

In addition to the many towers and many lookouts that offer you breathtaking views of the Gaspé countryside, you have very special sites. For example, there is the Chute à Philomène belvedere. This 20-metre footbridge, made of concrete and steel, suspended above the Vallée de la Chute à Philomène, is unique. It even allows people with reduced mobility to access it. If you come to the region, it's a must see.


Another point of attraction is the of the Spanish Flu Camp. 

“This is a lumber camp where in 1908 the Spanish flu killed a dozen lumberjacks, young men between the ages of 20 and 28. We maintain this site which is on the private lot of Simon Lévesque. For us, it's a way to discover this part of our history. We see that everything is perfect for visitors who can also take advantage of the interpretive panels that are installed to discover the history. »

These are just two examples of what awaits you . Also, it is important to emphasize that the club could not achieve everything necessary for quad riders, without the contribution of the landowners, who grant the rights of way. At the entrance to each of the lots, we find the names of the owners who collaborate with the club. It is all the more important to respect the environment and stay on the trails at all times.

The Festival quad matapédien will be back next year. In a month, all the details will be on the website Also, club representatives will be present at the Quebec snowmobile and quad show to be held on November 4-5-6. Register in advance because places are limited.