Greece gave Japan the Olympic flame: the official ceremony for the first time in history took place with no audience (video)

Греция передала Японии Олимпийский огонь: официальная церемония впервые в истории прошла без зрителей (видео)

Greece handed the Olympic flame to the organizing Committee of the XXXII summer Olympic games held in 2020, Tokyo, reported on the official website of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

For the first time in the history of the legendary ceremony at the Panathenaic stadium in Athens was held without spectators, visitors and journalists because of the pandemic coronavirus. To follow her was only possible online on the official website of the Games-2020.

Are unable to attend the event and the President of Greece Katerina Sakellaropoulo.

The torch relay was attended by two Greek athletes – the Olympic Champions of the previous Olympic games in Rio in the pole vault Catherine Stefanidi and swimming Lefteris Petronis, who lit the altar at the stadium. Japanese athletes due to coronavirus at the ceremony in Athens was not present, and the greetings conveyed by the video.

Was raised the Olympic flag, and the anthems of Greece and Japan.

The traditional theatrical representation of the priestesses and Kouros canceled – the entire ceremony was led by several priestesses. The priestess handed the flame to the President of the national Olympic Committee of Greece Spyros Kapralos, from whose hands fire was received by the representative of the organizing Committee of the Games-2020 Naoko Imoto. “I want to believe that the journey of the Olympic flame in your country will bring joy and hope to people around the world who are currently experiencing pain and difficulties,” – said in the fire Kapralos.

After the official transfer of the flame will begin its journey to Tokyo, which will host the Olympic games from July 24 to August 9.