“Green agreement” in the EU will cause a new wave “EuroBLECH”

Automakers that sell vehicles in the EU, may face more stringent standards in CO2 emissions after the European Commission has signaled that it will review the indicators already established for 2020-2030.

«Зеленое соглашение» в ЕС вызовет новую волну «евроблях»

Thus, the European Commission presented the so-called “Green agreement” (European Green Deal) – the plan of measures aimed at transforming Europe in “the first climate neutral continent” by 2050, reports Wave.

By June 2021, the Commission will propose to revise the legislation on standards for carbon dioxide emissions for passenger cars and vans, “to ensure that, from 2025, a clear path to mobility with zero emissions,” reads the document.

We will remind that in April the European Union adopted a law according to which automakers who sell cars in Europe must reduce the average CO2 emissions of its cars by 37.5%.

The new European Commission presented its long-term road map for climate-neutral economy of the EU.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen raised the question about climate in the first place in its legislative agenda for the next five years.

“The Commission is within its mandate to propose a new purpose, but any such step would be accompanied by the necessary economic assessment and will require the approval of the EU Parliament and the EU Council to adopt legislation,” — said the press-Secretary of the Commission.

In turn, Ukraine is interested to actively participate in the development and implementation of the European “green New agreement” (New Green Deal), and the government is preparing proposals on how Kiev can join.

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

“As far as I know, there is only a framework understanding of the Agreement. And the EU will discuss the details further steps. Ukraine will submit its proposals, which the EU, I hope, will favorably consider. We want to be part of the EU’s efforts to achieve a climate neutral economy. We will make specific suggestions of where Ukraine can participate and become an integral part of the European policy of “New green deal” — said Kuleba.

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According to the latest data of the European Agency for environmental protection, road transport accounted for a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, CO2 emissions increased in 2014.